We  spend quite a bit of our time giving back to the wider community and providing our services pro bono to various charitable organisations, educational establishments and professional institutions. A number of our clients have endorsed this work and we often work in partnership with our clients on these assignments.

A significant portion of our work with the community is to provide awareness on cyber security and digitalisation impact on the community. Among the causes very close to our hearts is safeguarding children from cyber threats. We have worked with a number of schools where we have provided cyber safety awareness to teachers and parents on safeguarding children from cyber threats. We have also conducted interactive workshops with students to promote cybersafety.

Schools we worked with:

Another area where Sysprove has been focusing to spread the message on cybersafety is professional societies and organisations. We have presented to a number of professional societies including medical professionals, engineers, and Rotarians.

Sysprove has collaborated with a number of government entities and professional organisations such as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Tamkeen, Bahrain British Business Forum, and American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to create awareness on cybersafety.

We continuously review the work we do in the community and identify ways to provide support to the various segments. If you would like to discuss any community related project where Sysprove can help, please get in touch with us and we are happy to discuss.

Some of the organisations where Sysprove has conducted awareness on cybersafety are:

05 Jun: Sysprove Presents to Parents at Sacred Heart School on Cyber Safety

Sysprove believes that cyber safety awareness is a fundamental lesson that should be delivered to both parents and children of all ages as we are all consumers of online technology.

07 May: Spreading Awareness on Cyber Safety at Sacred Heart School

Spreading awareness on cyber safety is an important social duty that Sysprove undertakes and tries to reach out to the community within the Kingdom.

Ravi did a fantastic job bringing to life how the lessons learnt by engaging live stories and how it can be transferred into the everyday life to help cope with the constant pressure and changes we face when surfing and dealing with the internet.

The feedback from our members with regards to the presentation that was produced, and managed by Ravi was so positive. A number of our members provided very positive feedback on the value they gained from the presentation. Ravi has the ability to tell a great story whilst making useful connections to personal and bush less issues.

I would actively seek out more of his presentations to be performed at the club and to a wider audience.

Dina Haikel
General Manager
Capital Club

On behalf of our Principal Pauline and I and the rest of the school management team at Nadeen School I would like to extend sincere thanks to Sysprove for their recent assistance during our annual Cyber Safety Awareness Evening. Their presentation was well received by the parents and has certainly had a very positive impact on the parents’ awareness. Many parents have commented on how “eye-opening” the presentation was, and equal numbers have commented on how they are now adjusting and assessing how their children use personal devices and social media.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sysprove to any other school and look forward to our next opportunity to meet!

On a personal note, it is heartwarming to see people within our community volunteering their own time and effort towards such an important awareness campaign.

Shanee Puri
School Adminstrator
Nadeen School

AmCham is excited about its new Business Seminar Series and we are proud to have launched it with Sysprove’s presentation. The topic of cybersafety is timely, important and useful for all. The presentation resonated well with our members and there was very positive feedback on the awareness created.

Thank you again. AmCham appreciates your contribution and leadership.

Qays H Zu'bi
American Chamber of Commerce
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