With ever changing technologies and capabilities of the bad guys what is expected of information security is to stay ahead of the curve. Inability to safeguard the organisation from the security threats can result in losing the confidence of customers as well as other stakeholders essential to the survival of an organisation.

Implementation of good practices within organisations to proactively address information security threats is vital. This together with the necessary processes to be followed in case of a breach in security is an essential requirement for organisations. Information security is an integral part of the enterprise which has to be considered as part of the organisation and technology strategy, security is the responsibility of everybody.

Often the mere implementation of a security certification may not completely safeguard an organisation of the information security threats.

Our Approach and differentiating factors

Sysprove takes a holistic and practical approach towards information security. Our approach is based on accepted frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST, SABSA®, COBIT® and ITIL® together with other industry specific standards where required.

We believe in a solution that spans beyond a certification, and assist organisations to create a culture and behavior that empowers everyone to make information security an integral part of their activities.

Sysprove provides a range of services to enable organisations towards