Unhappy business users, failed or challenged IT projects, no visible return on IT investments, ad-hoc purchase of IT assets, the list can go on… If your organisation is experiencing one or more of the above, then Sysprove can help.

We help our clients across many industries to successfully shape their IT strategies to enable meeting their business needs and be ahead of their competitors.  An effective IT strategy connects an organisation’s business objectives and technology to enable value addition rather than a theoretical applications of technology. We help you to create a strategic alignment between your business goals and technology requirements by identifying where to make trade-offs and where to expend resources. Sysprove follows a proven and simple, yet effective methodology to define practical IT strategies.

We follow a structured approach taking into consideration a number of forces which shape up the IT strategy. Factors considered are:

  •     Business strategies, goals, and objectives
  •     Analysis of business processes and gaps
  •     Assessment of current IT assets and competencies
  •     IT risk analysis
  •     Review of enterprise architecture
  •     Project portfolio and initiatives and planning
  •     Emerging technologies to support the organisation

Clear, practical, and relevant strategies together with the supporting documents are defined. Sysprove will be constantly supporting the organisation to implement strategies and consultation towards reviewing its impacts.

Based on the IT strategies we have defined, our clients have seen IT playing a more strategic role in the business, a better integrated system, and, most importantly, IT governance and management structures to support the business requirements.