Each organisation is made up of a number of strategic and operational business processes which enables the organisation to function. These business processes are core to any organisation, and enables the execution of the strategy; hence, efficient business processes are important for the sustenance of the organisation. As organisations grow, these business processes may become inefficient and must be improved. Inefficient business processes waste time and money, and may have a negative impact on the customer, product or service quality. This also can result in demoralising the staff and other partners associated with the organisation.

We conduct comprehensive reviews of business processes of organisations to achieve process excellence. This involves mapping of processes, defining the ‘as-is’ state and identifying gaps via systematic observations, data analysis, review of processes, people, performance and bench-marking.  The ‘to-be’ state is defined together to assist the organisation in implementing the improvements.

The results include improved cycle-time, reduced costs, better controls, standardise  processes, reduce variation, and most importantly delight customers.  The approach followed is based on proven practices, including ‘outside-in’ thinking.

Improvements are often realised in: reduction in processing time, reduced costs, improved customer / employee satisfaction, and stronger controls and checks.