Cyber Security Awareness

As technology evolves, so do the cyber threats revolving around it. Cyber Security is often mistaken to be the full responsibility of the Information Security department. However, the wave of recent cyber security breaches has proven that the people within the organisation have become a key risk which has been exploited to initiate attacks against organisation.

Sysprove Consulting, as part of its cyber security services, conducts awareness on information security & cybersecurity to employees to safeguard the organisation and themselves against cyber threats. The awareness follows practical methods to engage the staff members as being part of the solution. Several concepts and scenarios are discussed, supported by tips and guidelines

Our approach starts with understanding the risks the organisation faces, customising the training programme, and finally conducting the training to any and all individuals within an organisation on cyber security regardless of their job responsibilities. We believe that security is everyone’s duty and should be embedded within the activities performed by each employee.


Customise Training

Delivery of Awareness

Follow Up & Review

The awareness sessions include:

Familiarisation with the latest cyber threats

Interactive sessions (quizzes, group activities)

Real life case studies of similar industries

Short educational movies

Security tips for organisations

Security tips for individuals

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