SAMA CSF Compliance

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)  requires all regulated entities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to adopt the  Cyber Security Framework (CSF). The CSF is a comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices developed by SAMA to enhance the cybersecurity posture of financial institutions operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The CSF articulates appropriate controls and provide guidance on how to assess maturity level.

SAMA’s CSF aims to establish a robust and resilient cybersecurity framework that protects the financial sector from cyber risks and ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical financial systems and data.

By implementing CSF, financial institutions can bolster their cyber defenses, proactively detect, and respond to cyber threats, and minimize the potential impact of cybersecurity incidents. The framework promotes a risk-based approach, encouraging organizations to prioritize their security efforts based on the significance of assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts.

Our approach follows the framework’s needs with the addition of information security requirements necessary for the organisation that complement the CSF framework. Sysprove Consulting draws upon its past experience in working with financial institutions develop their information security governance and best practices to assists in the implementation of the CSF framework.

Our Methodology

Understand the context of the organisation

Perform a gap analysis against the CSF controls.

Create a plan to close the gaps

Implement the plan by creating the required documentation

Support the organisation in the implementation process

Perform an internal audit against the implemented controls to ensure compliance

Support closing of findings

For details on the Cyber Security Framework (CSF) refer to the latest released version by SAMA

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