Over the years, IT has become essential, having a dramatic effect on business performance and competitiveness. A failure to manage IT effectively can have a serious impact on the business. Among the challenges organisations face is ensuring that IT is aligned to meet the real business needs, delivering value to the business. IT governance enables the definition of an effective framework, enabling organisations to move away from ‘IT silos’ and transform IT to meet the needs of the organisation.

Our approach to IT governance ensures technology assists in achieving your company’s goals. Sysprove has extensive experience in IT governance, working with a range of small and large organisations, both in the government and private sector. Our approach is based on industry standard frameworks, including COBIT® and ITIL®.  We have defined an IT governance maturity model based on our past experience which is utilised to gauge the level of maturity.

At a macro level, IT governance encompasses understanding the business strategy together with the IT landscape. At a detailed level, this covers the governance of data, information security, portfolio, vendors, and architecture together with a number of other factors which contribute to the successful delivery of IT. This approach includes:

  1. Capability assessment: understanding the strategy and IT governance needs, identify gaps
  2. IT Governance framework: definition of the IT governance framework
  3. Process definition: define processes, policies and procedures to support strategic and operational requirements
  4. Implementation: implementation of IT governance structures
  5. Performance measurement: review of IT governance, reporting, continuous improvement

Our Consultants are Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT®), COBIT® certified and ITIL Service Managers & Experts, together with a range of other qualifications and experience.