SABSA® is a proven methodology for developing business-driven, risk and opportunity focused Security Architectures at both enterprise and solutions level that traceably support business objectives. A key objective of holding the course is to provide the community of professionals the opportunity and access to the well-known Information Security Architecture Framework SABSA®.

SABSA® is the leading open-use method for delivering cohesive information security solutions to enterprises. The SABSA® Framework ensures that the security needs of your organisation are met completely and are designed, delivered and supported as an integral part of your IT management infrastructure.

The SABSA® Foundation Modules (F1 & F2) are The SABSA Institute’s official starting point for developing Security Architecture competencies. They are designed to create a broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of the SABSA® method, its frameworks, concepts, models and techniques.


1.    Integration with other Frameworks

SABSA® is comprised of a series of integrated frameworks, models, methods and processes, used independently or as a holistic integrated enterprise solution, including:

  • Business Requirements Engineering Framework (known as Attributes Profiling)
  • Risk and Opportunity Management Framework
  • Policy Architecture Framework
  • Security Services-Oriented Architecture Framework
  • Governance Framework
  • Security Domain Framework
  • Through-life Security Service Management & Performance Management Framework

2.    Unique Selling Points

Feature Advantage
Business-driven Value-assured
Risk & Opportunity Balanced Prioritised and proportional responses
Comprehensive Scalable scope
Modular Agility for ease of implementation & management
Open Source Free use, open source, global standard
Auditable Demonstrates compliance to relevant authorities
Transparent Two-way traceability

3.    Universally Applicable

The SABSA® framework and methodology is used successfully around the globe to meet a wide variety of Enterprise needs, including Risk Management, Information Assurance, Governance, and Continuity Management. SABSA® has evolved since 1995 to be the ‘approach of choice’ for organisations in over 70 countries and in sectors as diverse as Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics, Nuclear Power, Information Services, Manufacturing and Government.

SABSA® Foundation Course

1.    Training

The SABSA® Foundation training is held over a period of five (5) days, where the exams are held during the last day of the training. The training is held by experienced and competent trainers that hold the SABSA Masters Level, and that have applied SABSA® to well-known organisations across Europe and the Middle East. All trainers hold 25+ years of experience in the fields of IT and Information Security.

The Training consists of two modules (F1 & F2)

2.    Exam

No. of Exams: 2

Duration: 1 hour each

No. of Questions: 48 MCQs each

Coverage: Equally distributed through 6 knowledge domains (the columns of the SABSA Matrix)

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