Cyber Security Awareness at the US Consulate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Cyber Security Awareness at the US Consulate in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A number of cyber security awareness sessions were conducted at the US Consulate in Dhahran. The attendees at the sessions included consulate staff members and wardens from the Easter Province.

Among the attendees were the Consul General Her Excellency Rachna Korhonen and senior officials from the consulate.

The sessions focused on a range of topics on cyber safety and practical tips to protect from cyber threats especially focused on individuals’ safety.

Topics covered included:

  1. Evolution of IT and its ramifications
  2. Exploitations and hacks together with implications on organisations and individuals
  3. Protecting organizational information as well as personal information
  4. Social media and protecting the online image
  5. Guidelines to better manage connected devices and gadgets
  6. General tips and tricks on how to more effectively use technology
  7. Recovering from an identity theft or cyber attack

Consul General Korhonen highlighted the need for continuous awareness to staff members and wider community on safeguarding themselves from cyber threats. She emphasized the need for staff to be vigilant and follow good practices to protect from the evolving threats.

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